Hay Handling Equipment

Hay Handling Equipment

Model FLS-1 Front Loader Spike

Designed to handle round bales up to 2000 lbs. with a removable forged spike 47" long and two 1 1/4" stabilizer spikes. This will fit most double cylinder front loaders with a load center arm distance of 50"

Approximate Weight: 220 lbs.

Model TL-T3 2000 LB. Bale Spear

Constructed of heavy wall 3" square tubing with tow 1 1/4" stabilizer spikes and a forged spike, 49" long.

Approximate Weight: 110 lbs.

Model TP20 2000 LB. Bale Fork

A formed frame made of heavy wall 2" x 3" rectangular tubing welded to 6" channel iron. This unit is designed to put the weight of the bale close to the tractor. A removable 16" spear prevents bale from rolling off forks on uneven terrain.

Approximate Weight: 140 lbs.

Model ABC-BS Bucket Spike

Convert a tractor front loader bucket to a round bale mover in a short time with our bucket spike. Constructed of 3" square tubing with two 1 1/4" stabilizer spikes and a removable forged main spike.

Approximate Weight: 97 lbs.

Model BU3 Bale Unroller

This CAT 2, 3 pt. mounted hydraulically operated bale transporter and unroller makes feeding of round bales an easy chore. Unroll only the amount desired and transport to another area. Constructed with 4" x 4" heavy wall tubing with 2" x 4" heavy wall arms, this unit will transport bales weighing up to 3000 lbs. with ease. 
One 2" x 8" cylinder and two 4' long hydraulic hoses included. 

Approximate Weight: 285 lbs.
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