History of Darrell Harp Enterprises, Inc.

Darrell Harp Enterprises, Incorporated, a distributor since 1969, has been built and continues to operate on the premise to buy and sell the best machinery available at the lowest possible price.

Darrell Harp Sr., Presidents, claims several more years experience in the marketing of farm equipment. Beginning just out of high school in 1955, Darrell started his career in the farm equipment industry in sales and service with a dealer in his home county. After four years of experience, Darrell began a partnership agreement to own and operate a Ford tractor dealership in Red Bay, Alabama. The first couple of years were truly a challenge. However, by the third year of operation, Darrell's marketing techniques were attracting customers from a wide area. The dealership, Bay Implement Company, Incorporated, continually recognized for regional sales performance, operates under the sole ownership of the Darrell Harp family.

By 1966, a different approach to the buying and selling of farm equipment began to grow within Bay Implement Company, Incorporated. This growth necessitated the birth of Darrell Harp Enterprises, Incorporated (DHE) for volume distribution.

The continued association with the concumer through Bay Implement has given Darrell Harp Enterprises, Incorporated direct insight to supply and demand into the farm equipment marketing front that most distributors do not have.

We realized in the very early years that in order to buy and sell at the lowest possible price and to meet the demands of the consumer, we must have direct input into the engineering and manufacturing design of the products to be marketed by DHE. To accomplish this, the stockholders of DHE became major stockholders in manufacturing companies that depend exclusively on DHE for the marketing of their products.
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